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Protection all around

Smart Fence Protection all around

With increased threats of terrorism, it’s not just borders that need high walls, multi layered thorn passive fences with surveillance but we need to adapt, change and improve in innovative solar fencing technology with high performance. Criminals get smarter all the time and darses highlighted the need for technology to match whatever it comes across. There are often several hundred cameras in the premises it would be useless without the context of an effective Super Smart Solar Fencing Watch System because it’s the first line of defense.

The Smart Fence allows you to control and supervise the perimeter from:
  • > Selection of monitoring items
  • > Instruments layout
  • > System function
  • > Suitability and Scalability
  • > On Site using the keypad
  • > A control room using Perimeter Software
  • > Smart fencing with live shock

The most effective security fencing design is proposed site enclosure with most advanced Super Smart Solar Fencing system, restricted entry devices, IPIR long and short vision cameras, Thermal Cameras, Solar Fencing system and integrated automatic monitoring system is the product of developing of computer network and sensor manufacturing. With this the workload of operators decreases, gaining higher reaction readiness.

A multi-layered strategy involving few separate ‘rings’ of security, with video imaging focusing on many points in the inner and outer circles. However, these solar fencing systems don’t just help prevent intrusion occurring, they are also instrumental in the forensics afterwards. Software is used to analyze detailed footage of the site. The positioning system allows complex queries to be detailed that focus on specific geographical regions.

Fence Watch again proves to be invaluable in this kind of task, particularly if during nights with perimeter lighting fused off – one of the most dangerous incidents in the site– occur, as they can easily see through in pitch dark which would otherwise obscure the view. Solar Fencing Watch System, then, is having very much useful as far as high-end security fencing applications are concerned.Smart Fence Integrated Security pvt ltd is only one solar fencing manufacturers & suppliers in India.

The SSS allows you to control and supervise the perimeter from:
  • On Site using the keypad

  • A control room using Perimeter Software

  • Advanced solar fencing


  • Safe but effective deterrent & detector
  • High and low power modes
  • Built in charger and backup battery
  • Control and programming via LCD keypad
  • Large number of programmable options
  • Monitor via PC (using Perimeter software)
  • Control inputs which can be configured to take NO or NC control contacts.

The system is processed to:

  • detect, track & target the intruder
  • Independently detect and tracks with inbuilt cameras.
  • Intruders automatically tracked from camera to camera
  • Detects threatening activities up to 10 feet outside the perimeter
  • Detects unauthorized activities within the perimeter
  • Paramount design site-specific solutions, including the use of maps and 3D site plans, with optional live camera interfaces
  • The system shall target the violation of rules set in the Zone when a breach occurs

Central Monitoring System (CMS) Software:

The central monitoring system (CMS) software is tailor made control and communications system software that will operate in client server architecture based. The system will allow an operator to control and maintain a site’s security fencing system from a central location / remote location.Functions will include perimeter security (Solar Fencing) sensor monitoring, perimeter intruder alarm signal, Fence Watch & Video management, activation of other connected sensors & gadgets

CMS software will have the following minimum fence control functions:

  • The System Operator knows the working status of all field electronics.
  • Displaying of site over a mimic indicating the fence zones, fence controller and FWS icon.
  • Zone wise arming and disarming of the solar fencing from the CMS software.
  • Zone wise fence voltage, fence controller status, availability of the input power in the field, power fence alarm status and enclosure / controller status will be indicated and monitored.
  • In case of any attempt of intrusion the audio hooter will be turned ON automatically through a relay. The ON time audio hooter can be defined independently
  • Power Fencing Systems are helpful in providing security against unauthorized access of humans and animals.